Learning from the Past and Moving Forward

Its the new year and that can mean many things.  For some, it is time to hit the gym for a month, for others its a time to make a fresh start and learn from their previous year.  For marketers, its time to observe the past and begin to create the future.  The new year always feels like the beginning of something big, even though the only real thing that changed was the date.  Nonetheless, I enjoy taking this time to scour over the many blogs, tweets, and articles that cover the always enticing question of, “What the hell were we thinking!?”  Well, maybe not put so bluntly, really these articles are about what happened in the industry in the previous year and how, like many resolutions, we can improve upon them.  With such a fast industry like marketing and advertising, one year can cover a ton of ideas and information.  In March of last year alone, Facebook added 17 million users worldwide.  With such incredible change and growth it can be hard to remember everything.  I decided to post two links I found for great articles about 2010 and what to expect from 2011.  Of course there are many more links out there but I really enjoyed these two.

Simon Mainwaring’s top 10 posts of 2010.

Simon is an amazing force in the world of advertising.  I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at the University of Oregon and ever since have enjoyed and learned from the words of wisdom that come from his blog/tweets.  This article covers the most commented and stirring posts he wrote from the previous year (a great way to see what was big in 2010).

Wall Street Journal’s article on what 2011 holds

This article was great in that it gives some interesting predictions for many outlets like social media, television and movies among others.  Interesting insights that I can’t wait to see come true (or not come true).

Although we may never be able to predict what 2011 may bring, we can learn a lot from 2010.  I’m excited to see what will blow up and what will fizzle in the following year.


About kevinbeaudry

Kevin Beaudry is a University of Oregon School of Journalism advertising student; communications and web development intern at the Portland Bureau of Transportation; interactive media enthusiast; green brand thinker; and home grown Portland native.
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