Walk through and Info Interview at CMD

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Elissa, a Senior Designer at CMD agency.  Although this is not my focus in advertising, I found the interview to be incredibly helpful because I got to see how different areas of an agency interact with the account side (which is more my focus).  The most productive agencies know how to work together and maintain open conversation.  By seeing the work and environment that she employs, I got to see how best to work with someone in her position.  You can interview a thousand people in the area you are focusing on, but if you don’t understand what the people in different areas of your field do, your work life will suffer.  In other words, open communication and understanding of each other’s roles means less headache for all.

A huge takeaway I got from this interview/tour was when I was introduced to the many people in different focuses of the agency.  CMD houses more than just advertising, they also have PR and interactive sections (among others) that all work under the same roof.  What was so great about seeing and meeting these different people was that I got a first hand look at how a multifaceted agency works and interacts with each other.  I was shown the most productive and reliable ways to work with each area which will be a huge help for my future work.


Also, I learned a great deal about what to expect if I were to apply to an agency like CMD as well as what a typical work day is like. CMD has a great atmosphere, work environment and group of people that makes work there seem less like work and more like a creative and productive think tank.

The bike ride downtown to CMD in the pouring rain was worth this great experience and I am thankful I remembered to pack extra dry clothes!


About kevinbeaudry

Kevin Beaudry is a University of Oregon School of Journalism advertising student; communications and web development intern at the Portland Bureau of Transportation; interactive media enthusiast; green brand thinker; and home grown Portland native.
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3 Responses to Walk through and Info Interview at CMD

  1. alisonmoran says:

    Good work on all these interview, K-Beau! I’m proud of you.

  2. hkaplanm says:

    Good job and great epic-fail picture. I was gonna ask how the week known as “snow-pocalpyse” was while riding your bike. Fun stuff I’m guessing? Haha.

  3. Jeff Pollock says:

    CMD is awesome, I had an informational interview there too. Let’s kill it for the next couple years then get a job there after we fulfill the “2 years agency experience” prerequisite.

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