Company Blogs and Why You Should Read them

Lately, I have been on a job searching rampage.  I have been researching possible employers that I would like to work for once I graduate as well as people I can speak to to learn more about the industry.  Like you may already know, viewing a company website is a great place to start before you enter an interview.  Learn their clients, their employees, and their mission.  But, what I have found to be a more in-depth means of understanding a company’s atmosphere is reading their blog.  Here you get to see the individual voice of the people who post on the blog as well as the overall message the combined posts present.  Since the blog is in real-time, you get to see the trends, ideas, and advice that the employees are facing in their agency.  You can see what top priorities they are facing as well as how they react to recent trends.  Yes, their description of themselves on their website will be a great indicator of their personality, but these images adjust and tweak over time.  The mission will remain relevant, but they can’t describe every aspect of their environment on their homepage.  In this sense, a blog can be an invaluable tool for an interview because you can talk about recent trends and ideas that they are discussing within the agency. 


Here is an example of a great company blog I found for CMD agency in Portland.  You can get a real feel as to what is important in their agency up-to-date and what trends they like and dislike.  Before you interview, don’t forget to read up on your company blogs!


About kevinbeaudry

Kevin Beaudry is a University of Oregon School of Journalism advertising student; communications and web development intern at the Portland Bureau of Transportation; interactive media enthusiast; green brand thinker; and home grown Portland native.
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3 Responses to Company Blogs and Why You Should Read them

  1. hkaplanm says:

    Excellent suggestion. This makes understanding a companies perspective much easier prior to an interview. Good job.

  2. jljones24 says:

    Great advice! Every interview I`ve been on ask what you know about the company and why you want to work there, and the company blog is a great way to get that information that you can`t get from the website.

  3. Jeff Pollock says:

    Good advice, I’ll definitely be reading up on lots of companies as this term comes to an end. CMD is a pretty sweet agency, glad we get to visit this next week

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